Why the hell did you name yourselves ishtehari

Whenever we introduce our agency to someone, the first reaction is this:


Well, not exactly. That’s just some guy from the internet. But something similar.

Be it chowkidars, CEOs, or the random people that often end up in agency pitch presentations, everybody initially reacts with the same jaw dropped open, eyeballs coming out of their sockets sort of expression.

This is promptly followed by the question “Why the hell would you name your agency Ishtehari!?”

If you were thinking the same thing… it’s okay, we’re used to it by now.

We’re called Ishtehari because:

a) We’re advertisers, and we make advertisements. (FYI: ‘ishtehar’ is Urdu for advertisement.)

b) We’re runaways. Renegades. Rule breakers. Wanted men.
We were previously employed in an agency full of rules and procedures and policies and what not. It was suffocating. So one day, we escaped. (More FYI: Ishtehari is a colloquial urdu term for wanted men)

c) The name’s memorable, and a great ice-breaker. See, you’re curious enough to read this!

d) Aforementioned chowkidars/guards/secretaries can pronounce it better than something tongue-twisty like Creative Chaos or Synchronize or Bullseye (insert your pick of standard-issue adjective here: 360, communications, full-service agency).

The tricky part comes much after the pitching process, when we have to convince the nice folks at XYZ company’s finance department to make out the cheques to what is effectively another name for wanted men. If you’re going to hire us, you might as well give your finance team a heads up.